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A Variety of Counseling Services to Meet Your Needs

Alexander & Associates is passionately focused on providing for your mental health needs, whether our sessions occur in person or online via Skype. Our Springfield, OH, practice ensures every single one of our patients receives excellent, personalized treatment, including:

• Anxiety Counseling
• Depression Counseling
• Addiction Treatment
• Career Assessments for High School Students or
    Anyone Considering Attending College

• Behavior Modification    
• Stress Management
• Non-Traditional Pain Management
• Individual Counseling
• Couples Counseling

• Pre-Marriage Counseling
• Marriage Counseling
• Counseling for Children and Adolescents
     with Behavioral Issues Home and School

In addition to these important services, we also offer training for groups and businesses on a variety of topics. This includes stress management and workplace violence. Training programs can be tailored for groups or businesses with specific training needs. Contact our office for details.  


• Initial/Intake Session(s) - $175.00 (50-60 min)
• Individual Session - $125.00 (50-60 min)
• Individual Session - $ 80.00 (20-30 min)
• Check-ins - $40.00 (15-20 min)
• Group Session - $65.00 (50-60 min)
• Drug and Alcohol Assessment - $200.00 per Hour
• Drug and/or Alcohol Screen - $35.00 per Screen
• Court Appearance - $125.00 per Hour Including Travel Time (Minimum One Hour)
• Reports - $125.00 per hour (This is Not Paid by Insurance and is due at the Time of the Request)
• Forms and Paperwork Completed for Outside Sources - $25.00 for the first page and $10.00 for each additional page; this is not paid by insurance and is due at the time of the request)
• Non-Routine Administrative Tasks - $125.00 per Hour (This is Not Paid by Insurance and is due at the Time of the Request)
• Copies of Records - $10.00 First Page/$ 1.00 per Page for Each Additional Page

On Track Program

• Treatment Sessions - $40.00 per week
• On Track Drug and/or Alcohol Screen - $25.00 per week

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Privacy Practices

Here at Alexander & Associates, we are dedicated to keeping your personal information private and secure. To read our full privacy practices info sheet, please click here.